A Summer of Harry Potter

Last spring as I was driving somewhere (Lord only knows where...) when I heard a tiny voice from the back seat as me a very simple question that caught me completely off guard.

"Momma, what is quidditch?"

Silence. I mean stunned silence.

I don't know about everyone else on the planet, but I basically fell in love with reading twisting my way through the words of J.K. Rowling. I have a pretty strong feeling that most other people on the planet, of my generation, did the same. Sure we had read books before Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (or Philosopher's) Stone, but we had never savored a book quite like we did the works of Rowling. They showed us how to become immersed so deeply in another world. They taught us to care for a boy with no parents. They led us to sympathize a family with little money. They showed us a girl that prided herself on her knowledge base and what she could accomplish based on her studies.

Those books taught us immense lessons that are simply incomparable to any other book series of that time, or dare I say since. Harry Potter changed the way I viewed the world around me and changed the way I lived the rest of my life. It is really that simple.

So Treyson becomes super interested in Harry Potter and he quickly asks if there are movies.

YES!!! Of course there are movies! 

and then the question spills out of his mouth without even a slight understanding of what he is saying...

"Can I watch them?"

**Inner "Mom" monologue below. 
Please note this is not one of my proudest moments as a mother, 
but it was my first inclination and I'm going to be honest with all of you. 
After all, we are all friends right!?!**

Excuse me!?! Excuse me!?! You just want to watch Harry Potter!!! The magic is in the words. You haven't even began to earn the right to WATCH any Harry Potter. Do you realize I had read the first three books twice and the fourth book once before a single movie was released!?! You have to wait. You have to imagine. You have to develop a relationship with those amazing wizarding children before you could ever have the chance to enjoy a film adaptation of the magical words on those pages?

**Inner "Mom" monologue complete**

"Well honey, Momma doesn't know if that is a very good idea. You are only five and I think it is important that you read the books before you watch the movie."

His face was priceless. You would have thought I was asking him to do yoga on the moon. After much discussion we came up with a solution.

Treyson would read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone over the summer. I would read with him every evening and then, when completed we could make our own wands (There is no Olivanders within a reasonable driving distance.) and watch the magic unfold on the on the television over some butterbeer and his favorite pizza. I mean even wizards have to love pizza.

Reading was slow. I would say we averaged about 5 pages a day, tops. It was fun to hear him attempt words such as Hogwarts, Voldemort, and herbology.

I have pretty much decided we will do this with every Harry Potter book. While he is questiong what could possibly happen in the Chamber of Secrets, he is still content with the magic of the Sorecerer's Stone, so I am not rushing anything. We may just read one book a year for now until he's a bit of a more fluid reader, but the magic wasn't just in the pages of a book this time around.

Remember earlier when I said that Harry Potter changed the way I lived the rest of my life? It is true for me, and now it is true for Treyson. There were lots of things I knew would be milestones in his life. His first steps. His first laugh. His first attempt to eat a spaghetti noodle. His first day of Kindergarten. All of these things were expected. These milestones are wonderful, but some of the magic is gone becuase you wait for them. They are impending. You are certain they will happen, eventually.

Harry Potter is now an whole different type of magic to me. Not only is it the magic that taught me about a little wizarding world where the heroes wear glasses and have lighting bolt scars, it is now the magic of something that I love so dearly and get to share with my son.

Harry Potter has 4,195 pages of stories, but now it will also hold 4,195 pages of memories for us.


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