A2-D2 Gives a High5 for Friday!

What a week! Anyone else out there ready to start over after the weekend? Let's break down my week and hit the "High" points...

1. I conquered a sore throat and pneumonia. It was one of those swollen, itchy, annoying, not enough tea and honey on the planet sore throats and that cough, Oh My Word that cough. I think I developed ab muscles from all of the hacking. I was actually voted out of my office by my "office-roomies" on Friday for fear of contamination. I was home all week, but I'll head back to the office today! I'm pretty sure it sounded worse than it was, but when you LOVE your job and the people you work with much as I do it was tough on the soul...

although when I had finally defeated it I kind felt like this guy.
2. Treyson and I declared Saturday "Say NO to Real Clothes Day" and spend the day switching through sets of pajamas. "The Ninja" would have been sufficiently shocked to see me in footie pajamas at one point...but hey, I was still battling the Horcrux of the Sore Throat & Cough. and they are warm and cozy; so don't judge me! 
 I worked on upcoming blog postings and some research and development for the work since I was missing Mardi Gras thanks to the hacking, but my day was made infinitely better when I noticed that "The Ninja" took it upon himself to set up a fight scene on the Millennium Falcon.

It really is the little things in life.

3. Since I was home all week I got to spend a little bit of time with these guys... I spend so much time during the week doing all the "Mom" and "Work" stuff sometimes I forget to enjoy the adorableness that is puppy life with Millie and cuddling and loving on Lily.

Don't you just hate when life gets in the way of leisure?

4. "The Ninja" and I have spending the week together. For some reason this week his schedule worked out so that he would be off the majority of the normal work week so he stayed up late with me every night. Steroids man, those things get me a whole new version of wired. We've watched a lot of cooking shows, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, and a few movies...

kinda like a couples retreat, with infinitely more medications.

5. This week is MARDI GRAS here in Louisiana...and all other locations that celebrate it...but most importantly it is Mardi Gras in Louisiana. So we will head out to a family friendly parade on Sunday with some friends for a picnic and some bead catching. Treyson also has a Mardi Gras Parade at school next Tuesday. He has decided that since his class went the theme "Candyland" he wants to make his float into a Candyland board and then place Legos Characters on it. Somehow he has managed to dig through his Lego stash and assemble the Avengers and some serious Star Wars characters. I'm sure a few Chimas will end up on there as well. It should be a great project for a little guy to work on through the weekend. He seems stressed due to the Monday deadline, but I'm looking at is as a life lesson. Deadlines and pressure will come, it is how you conquer them that matters!

Please remember I teach about art, I don't actually teach art!!!
None-the-less the kiddos always gets outstandings in art every grading period.
His (very) rough sketch of his concept.

I hope everyone's weekend is going to be as awesome as our should be! I'm ready to get back to the normalcy of life! Next Monday Seven of Nine is going to talk a bit about her love of theatre and technical theatre. I took a sneak peek at the rough draft, it looks awesome! I'll be posting again on Wednesday with some thoughts on being a Geek Mom and the things I want to Treyson to remember as he grows into a proper nerdy gentleman.

Until Monday, remember to stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!


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