Seven of Nine gives a High 5!

High Five! 
You've almost made it through the whole week - unless you're a weekend warrior. In that case, you're beyond awesome! 

I want to let you in on some highlights of my week and what I'm looking forward to. Exquisitely Geek's week, because of our blog schedule, goes Thursday to Thursday. So get ready, my week included that awkward love holiday!

February 13 - Let me introduce my hubby to you. He is a brainiac, a TMNT fan, and is convinced that we can go back to the future. He's the balance to my geek because his geek is so much more functional than mine! Let's call him The Captain because there are just so many Captains to fall in love with.

The Captain decided that we needed to celebrate the great muggle love holiday a day early. Like A2D2, The Captain thought that Legos were the perfect way for muggles to celebrate love. Please note the drastic difference in difficulty between mine and A2D2's Legos!

February 14- Exquisitely Geek launch date! Believe it or not, we only talked about the project for three days before it launched. A2D2 and I have been friends since...well forever.  When we were kids, we thought we could change the world instantaneously, and we felt most productive and most ourselves around each other.  One summer we decided to redecorate A2D2's room in colored cellophane, and that same year, we decided to start a recycling newsletter to help save the planet.  Exquisitely Geek was an instant "hit" of an idea with both A2D2 and myself. Within three days we had created a logo, planned blog postings schedule, secured the social media handles, and even begun the purchase of the domain name.  May sound crazy, but that's just how we roll!

February 16- The Captain and I went to church, and they had activities on the chairs for small children. These activities were suppose to minimize fidigiting and increase concentration until kids had to go to classes. My inner child was jealous so I colored two mandalas during the service - Take That Rules and Regulations!

February 19- Crazy busy Wednesday! The Lone Star Youth Orchestra began their spring fundraiser today, and I was one busy organizer. My day ended by meeting a gorgeous 9 year old puppy who gave me kisses to ease my stressful day.

February 20- I was a real adult today and spent the day changing my legal name.  The Captain and I have been married over five years and I finally decided to change my name. Let me advise you that after you've been married this long...the list of stuff to change seems endless! I would have been better doing it when I didn't own anything in my name!! Lesson learned.

I'm truly looking forward to next week because of my Wednesday post about CosPlay! This has been an awesome week watching Exquisitely Geek grow, and we both appreciate you hanging with us through this project!  Seeing our "like" and "follow" numbers go up are so exciting - THANK YOU!  I hope you all have an exceptionally chic Friday and that you always find yourself to be exquisitely geek.

-Seven of Nine-

Exquisitely Geek

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