What are Fake Geek Girls

GEEK (n.)  Geek is a term that originates from the idea of a sideshow freak. By the 1980s, it was used in teenage slang to mean someone who lacked social graces but was obsessed with technology.  The definition of geek has changed considerably over time, and many think there is no longer a definite meaning as it has become practically synonymous with "nerd."   

I grew up when being a geek still meant that you hid an obsession from everyone except a select few friends. I knew, by heart, many of the nintendo Game Genie codes to games. I knew every actor that played a role on Star Trek Next Generation and all related 90s spin-offs.  I'm also the kid that thought using the intro to Star Trek Next Generation was a great way to craft my speech as I ran for 5th grade class president.

For that child who quickly realized a knowledge of space would not get you a positive review in the slam book, the popularization of the Geek/Nerd culture has been a blessing.
 I've come out of my proverbial closet and I can tell friends, family, and coworkers that I go to Comic Cons; I CosPlay; and I love science fiction.  This popularization of the Geek culture, like all great hero stories, has a villain - the Fake Geek Girl. 

In my understanding, the Fake Geek Girls sees fandoms and geekery as a way to gain exposure and notice from others - a means to an end if you will.  Some geeks believe that there has been a sudden influx of women who are "too hot" to be true fans and have labeled these women as Fake Geek Girls.

I've seen geek men quiz women to test their geek cred.  I get it, there are a ton of women now who think "geek" equals cute and unique, but we female geeks existed before the Fake Geek Girl.  No one has been able to say how the Fake Geek Girl actually hurts geek culture, and I agree the culture in general is unscathed, but talk about making a higher barrier for entry for women who are legitimately interested!  Geeks, just like performing arts, are risking the loss of the next generation of fans.  The largest problem with the Fake Geek Girl is that is has been made into a movement complete with inciting article, meme, and rebel forces.

When the knowledge and obsession a geek exhibits is a means to an end (attention), it is fake.  Don't pretend to love something because you think it will get you attention.  That shortcut doesn't exist for anything in life.  Instead of judging each other, since we've all experienced that judgement before, let's be the bigger person.  Let's continue to educate about the Geek culture and the "creds" that the community finds important.  Exiling individuals who may become the next great comic book artist because they look too pretty or do not yet have the knowledge to meet your entry test is not the solution!

-Seven of Nine -

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