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In 1990, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles released their first movie, and it was the highest-grossing independent film of all time when it was released! Jim Henson was responsible for creating the iconic image of the turtles and transitioning them from the pages of comic books to 3D characters. With the release of Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trailer, many fans have some serious worries about the new movie.  Here's a few things, good and bad, we've noted.

1) Why do the turtles emerge? In the trailer, Shredder (narrator of the trailer), remarks
"Crime, violence an fear have run rampant.  Our great city is being destroyed.  People want justice restored to this world. People want heroes, Miss O'Neill." 
The Turtle's origin story shows that the turtles began showing themselves in New York when the crime in the city, perpetrated by a gang called the foot soldiers, began to be more than the city authorities could handle.  It seems as if the movie has kept this part of their story in tact - yay!

2) What came first, the pizza or the ninja? The trailer gives context clues that the turtles Michael Bay has created were mutated on purpose.  Shredder indicates in the trailer that not only were the turtles created on purpose, but that he and April's dad worked together to create the mutated turtles.

3) Let's talk about Shredder a moment. Why in the world is he narrator of the trailer and why do we see him without his "battle gear?" We've been scanning the fan-blogs to see if anyone has a great idea and we've seen one that we love...POTENTIAL SPOILERS: In this version, Shredder is a chemist. What if Shredder and Splinter worked together as chemists to attempt to create the turtles.  Splinter tested the mutation serum on himself and failed; when the turtles were a successful creation, Splinter agrees to train them to become the city's heroes.  Here's the great part...Splinter is April's dad and went into hiding after the failure of the serum on himself.  This is why April believes that her father is dead.  He's not dead, he's just protecting the city.

4) The turtles look different....like...well, Goombas!  Remember the Mario Brothers Movie? Well, here's an idea about the comparison we've made:

5) The turtles have learned to accessorize!  Some freeze frames, like the one above, show the turtles with necklaces among other accessories.  The release of the action figures show that the turtles have started accessorizing with clothing as well as, what we assume, battle accessories. Maybe it's just the new way to carry pizza around!

Speaking of pizza, where is it? Many fans, us included, have noticed the exceptional lack of pizza in the trailer.  But don't fear, I'm sure it'll make an appearance in the film itself.  Remember, the start of this trailer began with the Nickelodeon logo, they are expanding their own franchise, not trying to recreate our 90's memories of the turtles.  But this doesn't mean that there won't be exciting and fun things about this incarnation of turtles!

The Captain is currently protesting the change in true hardheaded fashion. Though The Captain will hate me, I promise we'll go see it and let you know what we truly think about Michael Bay's adaptation of our childhood memories. Check out the trailer here and see what you think!

- Seven of Nine -

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