High Five Podcasts for the Week

We can see the light at the end of the work week tunnel!  For this week's High5, I'm going to share the five best podcast episodes I explored this week.  Get ready, your listening list may be expanding!

1) Escape Pod: Enjoy the Moment Apocalypse Triptych

Escape Pod provides audio science fiction stories each week (typically updated on Fridays).  If you like audio books and science fiction, this podcast needs to be on your player ASAP!
John Joseph Adams, career anthologist, has decided to tackle the subject of the apocalypse. What makes this project so interesting to me is the artistic decision to make a trilogy of anthologies! Adams has collected stores that explore three thematic ideas:(1) how would you handle knowing that the apocalypse was approaching? (2) what type of heroes emerge during the apocalypse? (3) how do we survive after the apocalypse? The story covered by Escape Pod on this episode is from the first anthology in the trilogy, "The End is Nigh." The sorry is entitled "Enjoy the Moment," and Escape Pod does a great job of presenting this work. The reader for this episode is wonderfully expressive and they have chosen to edit/end the reading at a point where you are left curious, but they do not leave you on a cliffhanger!

2) The Nerdist: Donald Faison

The Nerdist Podcast is a weekly interview podcast about what it means to truly be a nerd.  The Nerdist has launched into a number of spinoff podcasts and even a BBC America show.  If you don't like the original, you can probably find a spin off that you love!
First off, how can you not be excited about this podcast with this photo! The Captain is obsessed with Donald Faison; he thinks they are the same person. Regretfully, I'm quite slow to take The Captain's advice when it comes to entertainment because we have different opinions. The Nerdist interviewed Donald in late February and I still have not taken it off of my podcast player! This episode is like one fantastic comedic standup but with a casual air.  Like being a fly on the wall while your funniest friends have a discussion.

3) Theatre Geeks: Theatre Under the Influence

Theatre Geeks is a podcast and website focused on community theatre, featuring episodes and articles on acting, directing, technical and business issues, as well as other news and feature topics.  Whether you call it community theatre, amateur theatre, or amdram, we've got it covered.
Theatre Geeks focused on their personal influences this week as they brunched at Evan's Cafe.  For me, it's always interesting to see where people in the theatre industry (and art in general) got their start...where they developed the itch. The hosts of Theatre Geeks discuss just this - their icons, role models, and first views of the theatre.

4) Nights at the Round Table: Smeee Heee

Nights at the Round Table is a group that A2D2 and I can completely relate with.  They are a group of friends who decided to bridge their love of nerd culture and pubs with the internet.  Their podcast has begun to travel, but each episode (that I've heard) always returns to a pub for drinks and nerdy conversation.
This episode had host, Nick, traveling to the Red Dwarf Convention in Australia.  Even though I do not watch Red Dwarf, it was fun for me to hear him interview various CosPeople (real word, learned it on this podcast!).  You get to hear about their favorite characters to CosPlay, how they got started in CosPlay, and their process to design a character.

5) Geek Guide to the Galaxy: Future of the Mind with Michio Kaku

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy is a podcast sponsored by Wired Magazine.  Full disclosure: These podcasts tend to be quite lengthy and scientific based.
Geek's Guide to the Galaxy interviewed author Michio Kaku on his research into how the brain works.  Even thought some of this information went right over my artistic based brain, it was quite interesting!  Kaku talked about how current advancements in our understanding of the human brain means we may be closer to seeing some elements of science fiction in our day to day lives.  If nothing else, this is a great podcast to understand more about how your brain works.  Knowledge is power!

I hope your week has been Exceptionally Chic and Exquisitely Geek!  Let me know what's on your podcast playlist - I'm always looking for new episodes and podcasts to follow!  Until next time...

-Seven of Nine -

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