Holy High5 It's Friday!

How many of you have been waiting for this day to come all week!?! I am certainly guilty as charged. Work has been crazy the last couple of weeks, no worries it's the good kind of crazy, so I am certainly ready for the weekend.

1) Sunday was relatively quiet. I edited my video for #theartassignment and then basically did nothing else but laundry. I got to catch up on my trashy television and eat some girl scout cookies. It was an evening of leisure at it's finest. The house was silent. Treyson fell asleep early thanks to "Spring Forward" and The Ninja went to watch some of his favorite shows with the guys so it was just me, my pajamas, the couch, and the DVR for the evening. This is Treyson and I on the couch pre-pass out.

2) #theartassingment post went up on Monday and was really well received. John and I had a blast and it was great to have some time for a meaningful conversation...even if we had to find the middle to do it. 

3) Anyone else gorging themselves on these suckers? I mean, I can't seem to escape them. They follow me everywhere. Dying for my undivided attention. Begging me to treasure their presence and consume them without any guilt what-so-ever. No worries, I happily oblige

4) These are going to make it back onto the walls of our home soon. They had been on hiatus after our move into our new condo, but I think it is time they were passed onto the littlest person that lives in our house. I want him to question them a little bit. He also needs to be questioned by his friends about their presence. More people need to know the awesomeness that is fan art, more specifically fan art/fine art portraiture.

5) Finally, I am super excited about Artini this weekend. It has pretty much had me on a high since last weekend. Artini is the annual fundraiser for the Bossier Arts Council. I'm just gonna be honest and say it is one of the only things I get to go to with the grown ups. You know, some of my actual friends that I'm not the primary caretaker of. I mean, I love Treyson...more than anything, but sometimes you gotta have sometime with someone that actually knows what you are talking about when you mention a Polaroid camera. It will be a great evening to try some of the City's best Martinis and catch up with the girls...plus The Ninja is going to rock his bow tie and I'm actually going to get to put on a dress. That in and of itself should make it a stellar evening! 

For the locals, Artini is happening on Saturday March the 15th at 7:00 pm. The event is being held at the Horseshoe Riverdome because of the amazing turn out last year. They are expecting roughly 1,000 people this year. If you purchase your tickets now, here, they are $55.00. They will also be available at the door for $65.00. If you buy them online ahead of time you can also schedule free pick-up and drop-off with iShuttle so you won't have to drink and drive. Your admission includes heavy hors d'oeuvres, an opportunity to sample Martinis from many amazing restaurants in town, and the chance to bid on some amazing items in the silent auction. Overall it will be a stunning evening, per usual. If you have a chance to make it I would definitely encourage you to do so. Come say I, I'll be the girl with the Sonic Screwdriver earrings on! 

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