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Our homes, our nerdvanas. Is there really any places in the world more sacred to a geek than where they watch all 14 episodes of Firefly for the 62nd time? Of course there isn't. It is the place where our passion for things grow. We then get to open ourselves to intake the creations of the world and expose our loves for (Insert Fandom Here) at a Con of epic and historic proportions. But it pretty much always starts at home.

^^^Wow, dramatic much?

Our homes are our sanctuaries. The place where we never have to post our geek flags at half mast. I think we would all love to live in a place like this...

but not all of us can have astronomical globes, a deoxyribonucleuic acid sculpture, vintage gadgetry, and movie memorabilia out of the wazoo. While this apartment is awesome, quite frankly, it is a little unattainable without risking looking like a possible hoarder. I promise, there is a chic and modest way to flaunt your geekery.

This bookcase is littered with things I love. From the feather sculpture that reminds me of Edgar Alan Poe to the chess rook serving as a bookend. The paper plane sculpture is one of my favorite little knick-knacks. My Dad and I made a countless number of paper planes when I was a child trying to achieve the perfect "Enterprise-esque" sky adventurer. You will also notice Captain Mal on top of the shelf itself. I love Firefly and I simply needed the Captain in my home somewhere. 

paper plane, chess rook, and feather sculpture: target (all discontinued)
captain malcolm reynolds print: etsy

This is the entrance to my kitchen. Subtle, yet interesting. It is the first thing you see when you walk into our home from the courtyard entrance. I wanted something to greet us as well as our guests that said "This is not what you expect" and I got just that when I purchased this print by Tai. It is probably one of my favorite fan-art pieces I have ever found. You will also notice the Warhol Tomato Soup cans. It is no secret I am a huge art fan. I mean, I work and teach in a museum! As soon as I read about the Campbell's Limited Edition Can release for Target in the Fall of 2012 I was all over that. I went to Target on my lunch break just to make sure I got each of them in the complete set. I have only been sick enough to consider eating them once. You know that I can't leave the house, but there is no food that is soothing enough for my sickness dilemma? 

yoda rockin' a cello for mini r2: ArtbyTai 
limited edtition warhol campbell's tomato soup cans: ebay

Has anyone seen the Nerdfighters posting pictures of their "shelfies" on Sundays instead of "selfies"? It has provided endless Sunday afternoon of laughter for me personally. So I guess, here is my "shelfie". These are the bookshelves in our study. You will noticed the Millennium Falcon has made it's way into it's display location. I also have some of my books on the shelves along with some mementos.

These shelves tend to get used and altered the most in our home. I rotate the books on here pretty regularly, I can't help but pass a good book along to a friend which means the "fung shui" of the shelf is thrown off and must be altered again. It also holds the most photos of our friends and family (other than our mantle).

lego star wars millennium falcon 7965: amazon

paper towns: amazon
an abundance of katherines: amazon
looking for alaska: amazon 
monuments men: amazon
my antonia: amazon
proud tower: amazon

The two pieces you see here are simple, yet meaningful. The Ninja loves The Avett Brothers song "Murder in the City" so I purchased this work from Etsy so he would be represented on the shelves. As for the movie ticket, well I'm about to get all mushy on you, is from the first movie The Ninja and I saw together. It is also the evening we laughed so hard our friends threatened to kick us out of the movie. 

avett brothers "murder in the city" artwork: etsy
movie ticket courtesy of regal entertainment for the cost of admission

 Overall the nerdy decor in our home is integrated and seems to be only noticed when someone really takes a moment to stop and appreciate it. It feels warm and homey and definitely isn't this...

Just another quick plug. I absolutely love these prints! I mentioned in my last High5 for Friday that I would be putting them back up in the house. To be honest, I just haven't quite gotten to it, but I want to encourage any of you that are looking for a conversation piece to invest in these. I always get compliments on them and I find them so visually interesting. 

the greg peltz collection: KULT studio


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