Slap Hands! Seven of Nine gives a High 5!

You're Almost There!!! It's Friday; let's give ourselves a self five and look at some of the "highs" from this week:

1) Mardi Gras! If you're from Louisiana, I should be done with this entry for you.  You completely understand the magnitude of this celebration!  Mardi Gras is one of Louisiana's many traditions that began as a religious holiday and has morphed into an excuse to party - hard.  In North Louisiana, where I ventured for Mardi Gras with The Captain's family, we celebrate with more of a laid back feel than many South Louisiana Parties.  Think more of a day long tail gate party that ends in a parade and the conquest to be the person with the largest number of plastic beads caught (not picked up off the ground). A few notable things happened this year at Mardi Gras: (1) I got to hang out with HauntChick who blogs about her experiences as a game designer! (2) With the help of HauntChick's fiance, and encouragement from the crowd, we created a new word: Debocable: a horrible debacle. I will be using this word in conversation, you have been warned. I think overall, it was a successful celebration!

2) Like all great stories, there must be an arch-nemesis.  For the above Mardi Gras celebration, our arch-nemesis was the cold front that The Captain and I had to drive through to get back home to Texas! A normally 3 hour drive took 7 hours and we saw more cars in the median than I care to remember. Thankfully, we defeated the storm and arrived home in time for me to go to sleep (i.e. crash into oblivion). The prize for defeating the storm was a nice dinner out the following day as The Captain rewarded me for my bravery in the face of danger! Regretfully, there were no keys to the city for my bravery, but a date night seems to fit the bill for just about anything!

3)  The cosmos aligned this year and my birthday fell on Mardi Gras!  In 27 years of time and space, this has never happened before! The result of this wonderful cosmic alignment was King Cake for Days!

4) Birthday Celebration - I have some amazing friends from all over the world, and thanks to social media, birthdays are always a bit brighter!  My buddy from Australia was the first one to wish me happy birthday and my day just kept getting brighter.  I did realize that I was everyone's official geek friend when my birthday gifts included LEGOS, a Disney shirt, and a gift card for CosPlay materials.

5) Though I was not raised Catholic, being raised protestant in Louisiana almost makes you Catholic light.  One tradition from our upbringing that The Captain and I cannot shake is the practice of Lent. The Captain and I have embarked on a journey this Lent that will surely kill me - no pre-sweetened drinks and no fast food.  For those of you who know how often a sweet tea is glued to my hand, this may not end well.

For now, I'm staying positive, but if you realize that A2-D2 is writing the blog by herself - it's probably just because I've gone crazy without my sweet tea.  Though this week has gone by incredibly fast, I hope that your week has been (and continues to be) exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek.

-Seven of Nine-

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