We Were All Bullied

I know you're probably reading the title of this post and thinking: "Um, Seven of Nine...isn't today CosPlay Wednesday?" Yes it is, but I'd like to talk to you about something that effects both Cospeople and non-cospeople: bullying.  

Here's what we see in the CosPlay world:

And we think: I'm never going to be able to have professional photos made!

And we think: My costume details will never be that accurate!

And we think: I will never be able to take a candid shot and look this good!

And we think: Just a few more pounds before I can ever do an ab-exposed cosplay.

But we do this to ourselves everyday. Each one of us, and we do it to each other. I found this video the other day, and it truly resonated with me.  Not just from the CosPlay perspective where we emulate our heroes on screen and congregate with others who sometimes wish to live out a fantasy word. It also resonated with the 5th grade geek girl who thought Star Trek was the coolest think ever and had to smile as my passion was made fun of - I even learned to make fun of it myself!   Please take a few minutes (7:38 to be exact) to watch this heartfelt explanation of how words do hurt us.  I'm not trying to gain pity, but we need to be aware that an encouraging word may make the difference in someone's day.  Remember, They were wrong about you; find a new mirror until you find that thing that makes you amazing.  Think about how amazing every group would be with just a few more members of the class of "We Made It!"

- Seven of Nine - 

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