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One of the greatest things about the CosPlay community are the number of people you get to meet who share your passion(s).  I met Bethany when we both worked at Ultimate Fear Haunted House!  She was an actor and I was stage managing; for those of you who know me, this should not be surprising at all!  Bethany set down, virtually, with Exquisitely Geek for this week’s CosPlay Wednesday!

EG: What introduced you to the idea of CosPlay?

Bethany: I had already worked at a haunted house for two years and loved dressing up every weekend in October. The idea of actually cosplaying coincides with the first comic con I attended.  I found out about the Wizard World comic con in New Orleans the Monday before the event when an advertisement on Facebook showed a picture of James Marsters (Spike from Buffy). I immediately booked a hotel and put together a quick Alice in Wonderland costume for the event. When I walked in and saw all the amazing cosplay outfits I knew I was hooked! 

EG:  We know a few bloggers who have attended Wizard World in New Orleans and have absolutely loved it! Which con has been your favorite to attend and why?

I have attended Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans, LA and Dallas Comic Con Irving, TX. So far I’ve enjoyed Wizard World the best. The convention center where it is located is huge so you are not elbow to elbow with fellow attenders. The special guests selection have always brought me back. (EG note: The Dallas Comic Con is moving to a new location this year and will be providing a SIGNIFICANTLY larger space for the event.  Hopefully, we’ll see Bethany there!)

EG: I know you recently got married, does your husband CosPlay or go to cons with you?

My husband does go with me but does not cosplay. I have tried to get him to do simple cosplay like Tony Stark, with no luck. The first year we went I wore a basic Alice in Wonderland costume with an edgy look (makeup and accessories). I was constantly asked to take pictures and also do interviews for various medias. He told me that he got his enjoyment out of watching me interacting with other cosplayers.

EG: Sometimes it’s draining to attend comic cons in CosPlay, but it’s so much fun! Do you have a favorite character to CosPlay?

My best cosplay outfit was Kitana from Mortal Kombat. A friend of mine that I worked with during Christmas in the Sky made my outfit for Halloween 2013. This was also the first time I was able to show off my post baby body! (EG notes: Christmas in the Sky is a fundraiser event for Shreveport Regional Arts Council hosted at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs.  The venue is transformed to completely convey the theme of the event from the valet parking area through the lobby and two floors of the Racetrack.  There are 16 auction areas, 10 stages, 12 bars, and 11 themed buffets.  The event features a LIVE and SILENT Auction. Costumed characters and entertainers dazzle guests and encourage high bidding!)

EG: What is the best and worst part about CosPlay?

The best part is you get to be your favorite character for the day and enjoy it with other nerds/geeks out there. The worst part about cosplay, I believe, is the drama it can cause. I don’t like watching others say negative comments about someone else’s outfit. Not all of us are professional seamstresses (me included) but still enjoy cosplaying with outfits that we can pull off. 

EG: Any characters that you're working on now or have on your "upcoming" list?

The next outfit I would like to do is a Black Widow and Hawkeye outfit that will “force” my husband to join in the cosplay community. I’m also debating which cosplay to do for my 14 month old daughter. Right now it is between Olaf from Frozen or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters!

EG: What nerdy/geeky sites (blogger, tumblr, pinterest, etc) do you follow that you think everyone should add/subscribe to? Everyone needs to follow for sure! I also follow Adrianne Curry on Twitter. (EG confession: We follow Adrianne Curry too!)
Seven of Nine was horribly jealous of this moment!

EG: Is there anything else you'd like to mention that we haven’t talked about?

My nerd confessions:

1)     My daughter is named after Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil.
2)     I must watch Big Bang Theory every single day even if it is a re-run.


 EG loved sitting down with Bethany for this blog interview! Are you a CosPlayer that is interested in speaking with EG? Contact us via our contact tab at the top of the blog!

-Seven of Nine-

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