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I'm going to confess something to you...we're friends right? This will just stay between us? I have not seen Frozen.  I know! I used to work for Disney and the movie is supposed to be AMAZING, but I still have not seen it.  Despite my lack of plot knowledge, I have been able to avoid a large amount of spoilers, I have not been able to miss the huge effect that Frozen has been having on the Cosplay community.

Frozen Cosplay is becoming a huge thing across the nation and the world.  Last week, I was at my fabric store getting materials for my next Cosplay, and met the most lovely grandmother.  We discussed how her granddaughter only wanted an Elsa costume for her birthday!  Apparently, the grandmother was on her forth fabric store as others had sold out of the materials needed to make Elsa! CRAZY!

Cosplay interviews have shown that Cosplayers are connecting with these characters due to their focus on family relationships, independence as women, and addressing anxiety disorders.  Even though I haven't seen the  movie, I can truly appreciate the craftsmanship in the following Cosplays:

This Anna (above) documented her detail work (right) in creating Anna's dress.

The detail work being exhibited in the above Anna is exquisite! I believe the hem was hand painted!

 This Elsa is a teenager who spent over 250 hours working on her finished costume (above).  See her detail work below.

The above Cosplayer hand beaded her corset and dress! This Cosplay includes over 10,000 rhinestones that were individually placed.

I'm a sucker for sidekick Cosplay! This Olaf is fantastic! 

This is a lovely interpretation of both characters!

What I love about each of these Cosplays is how the Cosplayer interpreted the characters.  Each costume, though representing the same characters, have their own style and unique touches!  Maybe I'll actually go see the movie now!

Looking to make your own Anna or Elsa Cosplay? May I suggest the below blog? Click on Anna or Elsa's tutorial screenshot to be directed to the blog!

-Seven of Nine-

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