Hi5 Loot Crate: Dragons

It's April and my Loot Crate is here. I wrote about my Loot Crate subscription back at the beginning of April. Dragons is the theme this month, undoubtedly because of the return of Game of Thrones. I was pleasantly surprised that my entire crate was not directly related to Game of Thrones. I'm not a viewer, hold your hostility. There were seven items in this month's box, all of them pretty awesome. I know this is Hi5, but what the heck, I'll throw in a couple items in a bonus so I can chat about all of loot!

Numero Uno! Dragon Slayer Tag. Ummm...this stayed in my box for about three seconds before Treyson saw it and confiscated it. Needless to say I have a miniature Dragon Slayer now sleeping in my house.
The tag itself has tally marks on it (Silence visits anyone?) to document the number of Dragons slayed. Treyson has slayed approximately 63....unless he finds any at the park this afternoon.

Dos! Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure. This Nord figure is adorable. He is going on my windowsill at work ASAP. His helmet is removable, but why the heck would you want to take that fashionable sucker off?

Tres! 20 Sided Stress Dice. This Stress Dices has made a nice little home on my desk. We are in the middle of summer camp preparations so it will be well used over the next couple months. Plus, it can always serve as a dice itself which is why you guys are going to have a chance to win the 20 Sided Polyhedral Dice (Numero Cuatro) that was included in the box. 

Cinco! The Dragon Shield. The Dragon Shield is a smartphone and other device cleaner. It can stick on the back of your device when it is not in use. Its a cute little shield with a dragon wrapped on it. I can see this is going to be great for the Nintendo 3DS.  

Seis! Came of Throne Vinyl Figure of Robb Stark. Like I mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of Game of Thrones, but I happen to live with one. The Ninja lives for Sunday night. I can always hear some shock and awe as I lay in the bedroom and read while he enjoys the many deaths and destructions that happens in Westeros. This item is for sure going to be hanging out on our famous bookshelves.

Sieta! Mikey's Dragon Jerky.  Yep, you read that correctly. Loot says that they are providing you provisions for you journeys through the epic plains of Skyrim. It's a cute idea, I however can not vouch for it's amount of  deliciousness because I want to give it to one of you along with the twenty sided polyhedral dice. I mean, those dice are always handy to have around for the really tough decisions in life.
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