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Yeah, I'm one of those girls. I love makeup. I can't help it. I have fallen into the rabbit hole that is Pinterest and YouTube with their abundance of Beauty Bloggers. Sue me. Thanks to those ladies I have some really amazing products that I absolutely love and I now consider my holy grail....take a journey down the rabbit hole with me.

1) Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation
Price:  $39.00; available at ulta.com

This foundation is hard to describe, but trust me, my lack of words does not mean there is a lack of greatness. I usually wear a medium to complete coverage foundation because my face is littered with freckles. I love them, but sometimes they can appear more like acne than I care for and quite frankly, I've been through that stage in my life and I 'm not looking to go back. This foundation has an almost "watery" consistency, but excellent coverage. It is light enough to wear on a daily basis without that feeling of "OH MY GOD I HAVE SO MUCH MAKEUP ON MY FFFFAAAACCCEEEE!!!!" On special evenings you can double up on the application, just complete a second coat, and you will have substantial and complete coverage.

2) Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso 05 & Coraline 08
Price: $6.37 available at CVS

These blushes are (in the words of Bruce the Almighty) B-E-A-UTIFUL! They have a little shimmer to them which is perfect for the days when you don't feel like going through that whole contouring mess and they are easily build able for dramatic effect. Plus, since I can be honest here, the price is a huge selling point. Most of the time CVS has a Buy One, Get One Half Off Sale on cosmetics so I can scoop up two of these for under $10.00. I have always been in a monogamous relationship with my blush. I find one I like, I commit to it, and I use it until I hit pan. These blushes have given me the options to switch things up a bit on a daily basis if I feel so inclined.

3) Essie 2014 Spring Collection
Price: $23.99; available on amazon

The colors Essie has released for their spring collection are some of my favorites they have released in a long time. I love the mix of dark and lights which are perfect for this time of year, especially in Louisiana where it is winter one minute and summer approximately 52 seconds later...Can I get an Amen!?!... I am personally a huge fan of mint, light pinks, and periwinkle blues for spring and this collection has all three! Can you say slam dunk? In a previous post, 3 Subscription Boxes to Better Your Life, I talked a little bit about Julep polish and how much I love them. That still stands, but sometimes I get the urge to paint my nails a color that is not currently in my 84 color polish catalog. Yes, it is really 84 colors. The Ninja has okay'd my habit though so all is well in the world. In the instances that I just need to get my hands on a color without ordering it online, I always grab an Essie polish from Target. It is my go to polish. I love the formula and it doesn't seem to chip as quickly as other polishes I have tried.

4) Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask
Price: $5.99; available at ulta

Okay, so since we are friends I can tell you this stuff. I have active pores. I mean, if my pores were athletically training we'd be running marathons people. Due to their activity, they are often HUGE. I know, it's gross, but were friends. This mask works wonders, not to mention the fact that it smells delish. I will warn you up front, it's hard to find in stores. I would suggest ordering it online. It took me about a month in a half before my Ulta had it in stock. I would always make a mental note to grab it while I was in there or drop in and see if they had it while I was at Target...to no avail. I recommend at least giving it a try if you have pore-problems.

5) Urban Decay Naked3 Palette
Price: $52.00; available at ulta

This palatte is heaven in eye shadows. It is perfect for my complexion and perfect for my eye color. I love palattes like this because EVERYTHING I need for one look is already glumped (Is that a word!?!) together in a handy to use and mobile compartment. I also love the build of the Naked palattes. They are all in a metal case that are almost indestructible. This palatte is their rose gold inspired colors, most are shimmer, but there are a few matte colors mixed in. There are three palattes available, all to fit different tastes and all contain long lasting, beautifully pigmented, easily applicable, complimentary colors. Basically you could consider this palatte Hermione's Standard Book of Spells from first year.

Remember, you are beautiful and chic without any of this stuff...but sometimes it's a little fun to get glamorous.


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