High5! Captain America Opens Today!

It's here....Friday... AND THE RELEASE OF CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER completing the long awaited return of Marvel to the big screen. Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens today (well, opened at midnight last night but same thing!) Just to get you excited, here's the most recent trailer and the 5 top things I'm looking forward to in this Marvel release!

 1) For Robert Redford, this is a new kind of role! He's told interviewers that he chose to do this movie because his grandkids said it was "cool." Redford is excited about this role (Alexander Pierce) because it has dimension; Pierce is shrewd and smart! Samuel L. Jackson said that Redford's part in the movie adds gravitas to what they're doing.

2) Scarlet Johansson because she is a badass:

3) We get to meet some new characters in The Winter Soldier.  One of these is Falcon, another agent of shield, who compliments both Captain America and Black Widow's fighting styles.

4) This movie is rumored to even have a plot line! Many critics, The Captain included, have not been impressed with recent superhero movies as they seem to simply provide setups for jokes and action scenes.  Numerous interviews across the production team has hinted that not only is there a ploy, but that it is a 70's political thriller.

5) That Shield:

I hope you enjoy your Friday, and that you truly enjoy Captain America (or whatever entertainment you indulge in this weekend!)  Until next week, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

-Seven of Nine-

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