Minimalism and History

A great story can capture any ones attention. The more I advanced in age and through school the more I realized that I was very wrong about history. I had always believed that the only important part of history was the dates and names, and while they can be important in understanding the links of history, the most important part is the story. Every person, young or old, appreciates a great story therefore anyone can enjoy history.

As of late I have been noticing a lot of minimalistic art making it's way back into the forefront of the art community.

Source: Danny Haas

Source: NoodleHug

I love the simplicity of pieces like this. They kind of make my heart happy in a weird way. The ability to find the subject matter of a story and wittle it down to simply the most recognizable images is so impressive and difficult.

Last week while I was working on some research at work, developing our curriculum for 3-D Printing camp this summer, I stumbled across Matteo Civaschi. Matteo works as the Executive Creative Director/ Senior Designer of an artists collective called H-57 Creative Station. I knew I was going to be a fan of his the moment I noticed he listed his favorite color as black. Yep, I'm that girl. Matteo has worked primarily in advertising in the past, in fact his blog is titled This is not ADVERTISING just to keep things clear that this is his personal blog, not directly related to his work at H-57. He worked for such notable companies as RayBan, BMW, Coca-Cola, Durolex, and many others. The thing that struck me about Matteo was his illustration of historical events. Telling stories one simple subject at a time. I found it to be stunning! Here are a few of the subjects he has covered. If you enjoy these I would encourage you to take the link above to his blog and check out more of his work!


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