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Today's blog post will be short and sweet. I'm in a "to the point" kind of mood today. Mostly because I have less than an hour to finish this blog and about a billion and a half things on my mind. Seven of Nine and I spent 2 hours video conferencing on Sunday afternoon. We were working on a Hi5 series that you all will be able to see soon. We talked briefly about some things we are thankful for...

we both agreed we are most thankful for our relationships.

The Ninja and Treyson for me, The Captain for her, and all of our friends and family. It has caused me to go into the weird headspace. One of those ooey gooey mushy I love my life and friends headspace. So you are about to read a short and sweet ode to one of those that I love, namely Seven of Nine.

To the friend that wraps your closet door in saran wrap, 
and then lives to tell about it when you Mom notices it...
they can only have a special place in your heart and in your memories. 

^^See, short and sweet ode.^^ 

Seven of Nine and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. That isn't just an expression, that is a legit "I can't remember my life without her." statement. Part of my Home Life section of the blog is to talk about relationships and I honestly can think of very few relationships in my life as special as the one I have with her. Today, while I rush to blog about something, the simplest and most fitting of things to blog about is my counterpoint and express my thankfulness for the friendship I have had for many many many years.

Take a moment today to tell someone important to you that they are. Many of us walk through our days feeling alone and invisible, but you are never either of those things...unless you have an invisibility cloak, then you are only one of those things. 

Stayed tuned for our very special Hi5 series launching soon! As always, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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