Dallas Comic Con 2014: Top 10 CosPlayers and CosPlay Moments

Though I was unable to attend Dallas Comic Con last weekend, I made sure to scour the web for photos of the best examples of CosPlay and the CosPlay community.  I've gathered my favorite 10 moments from Dallas Comic Con 2014 for you below!  Enjoy!

Princess Peach has been making a significant comeback to the CosPlay world recently.  What's been interesting is that each incarnation I find, has a slightly different take on this 8-bit princess.

CosPlay is about feeling like you're truly a part of your fandom, and a large part of that is how well the actors interact with the fans.  Here Sean Maher (Firefly) poses with some of his smaller fans -- just look at their faces, happiness!

You don't have to spend a ton of money or put great detail into your creation.  This CosPlayer dressed as Kahn for the Dallas Comic Con 2014 weekend.
THIS WONDER WOMAN!!! Though I'm all about going small and being comfortable with what your wearing and your craftsmanship, it doesn't mean I can't seriously admire hard work.  Wonder Woman has always been on my back burner because I'm not sure how I want to interpret her, and now that I've seen this, I may not have the nerve!

Carmen Sandiego.  Also on my CosPlay bucket list (mainly I just want an excuse to own a rocking red trench coat!)  This CosPlayer pulled off the cartoon image fantastically as she transformed this character from the comic pages to the real world.  Even her makeup detail is right on!

CrossPlay Darth Vader.  I'm quite impressed by this one simply because it is not your typical CrossPlay.  Often CrossPlayers try to make their character into the other gender (i.e. placing Darth Vadar in a rocking ball gown), but this CrossPlayer simply put themselves in Vadar's costume - with a few minor adjustments.

I had to find a picture of the turtles.   Dallas Comic Con actually hired these great CosPlayers to come to Dallas Comic Con as TMNT.  Originally starting as a showing of only two turtles, fans raised the money to hire the entire TMNT team!  Fandoms uniting at it's finest.

We all start somewhere, and sometimes we forget that.  It's so easy to make fun of the defects of a costume or the inaccuracies with the character interpretation.  Photos like this help me realize and remember that we all have to start somewhere. This little girl appears in a number of photos across the internet and she is so excited every time someone wanted to have a photo made with her.  She isn't a sexy Poison Ivy, she doesn't have the long vixen red hair, but she is truly enjoying herself and her CosPlay.

It's not always about the craftsmanship.  This is another example where we could discuss that you could have molded the masks or put more detail into the work, but quite honestly, what I see is a kid enjoying Con with their parent.  (And a parent willing to Con for the kid).  This is what it's about - having fun and bonding over a shared passion.

Feel free to interpret!!  I don't want to swear that there hasn't been a zombie based Captain America comic, this CosPlayer decided to combine fandoms to create a fantastic interpretation!  Don't be afraid to go away from the printed images that exist for a character.  Zombie Captain America, World War II Wonder Woman, Steam Punk Loki...let your artistic side fly free!

Always remember:  CosPlay is about having fun with your fandom.  We all start somewhere.

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