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There is a running joke in my office. Mostly it started out of annoyance, but now everyone that I work with in the education department likes to remind me how many of my curriculum ideas begin with the phrase "I was listening to a podcast..." So many of the things that I love I have learned through this amazing form of entertainment. My addiction is terrible.

Treyson even tells his friends we listen to podcasts in the car because it makes us "smarty pants." My child. 

Here is my Hi5 of podcasts for your enjoyment. Some of these are older, or reference older material, but they are enjoyable none-the-less!

The Nerdist Podcast is released three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The podcast is hosted by Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira and the podcast itself is the "godfather" of the Nerdist Network (now owned by Legendary.) Chris Kluwe was first featured on the podcast in February 2013. Chris is best know as the former kicker for the Minnesota Vikings, but he is an avid gamer and human rights advocate. Many of you will remember when he made quite a stir by writing this open letter to Emmett Burns concerning his stance on Marriage Equality. I basically developed a nerd crush in 3.2 seconds. I was super happy to hear his opinion and vantage point on being fired by the Vikings due to, as he sees it, his stance on Marriage Equality and advocacy for gay athletes.

You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes is an intense podcast to say the least. It is a semi-weekly comedy interview podcast hosted by comedian Pete Holmes on the Nerdist network. The show originated under the premise that Holmes would ask his guest, usually a fellow comedian, about three "weird" things he knew about them, but has since evolved into a much more loose conversation about such complex topics as comedy, religion and sexuality. These podcasts usually last between two and three hours, but can be totally worth it. It was great to hear Mark-Paul Gosselaar discuss his Saved by the Bell experience and the way it feels about it now, but also about his marriage failures and his current relationships. 

As I mentioned previously Matt Mira is one of the adorable co-hosts of the Nerdist Podcast as well as a comedian. Jonah and Chris (the other co-hosts) commonly tease him, in that friendly way, about his weight issues and his relationship woes. In this episode of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes Matt discusses he breakup with former girlfriend, Greta. I'm a girl and I love a good gossip story. This podcast is one of my favorites in the archives. It is intense, long, difficult, challenging, and heartbreaking. Yeah, I know, I'm that person.

Stuff You Should Know is a podcast that is released bi-weekly and is held under the Discovery Corporation umbrella. It is hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. Bryant. There are over 500 episode on varying subject matter such as "How Marijuana Works" and "How Dying Works" to "What Happened at Kent State?" All of these podcasts are wonderful and the hosts have such a great rapport. Charles Darwin wasn't the first scientist to understand the theory of evolution and natural selections, he was however the first scientist to be brave enough to bridge the divide between religion and science.  Good luck with these podcasts, once you start you can't stop. There are so many in the archive and they are effectively the Pringles of podcasts! 

Stuff You Missed in History Class is probably one of my favorite podcasts ever. Ever. It is so wonderful. Holly and Tracey, the hosts, have a great relationship and have worked together for years. It is obvious when you listen to them discuss interesting historical stories many of us have never even heard of. This one particularly stuck out because The Ninja and I have recently welcomed a new member to our family...This is Titan. Neither of us have ever had a cat before so this podcast was much needed and very appreciated!

P.S. I have been teaching a lesson on famous art heists in history all week at the Museum. If you enjoy History information and Stuff you Missed in History in particular, make sure to check their episode (which they just updated) on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist. It is the single largest art heist in history and to this day remains "infamously unsolved."

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