Nerds Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing adult "board games."  What makes Cards Against Humanity more interesting than other games for adults is that Cards Against Humanity is the board game equivalent of open source software! Cards Against Humanity creators allow you to download and print the game rather than purchasing it, and encourage you to adapt the game cards (and create new ones).

For any newcomers to Cards Against Humanity, think what would happen if Apples to Apples was R-rated and had no morality filter...that's what you have the possibility with in Cards Against Humanity!  The rules are fairly simply: Black cards are question cards (or prompt cards) and players respond with white cards (or answer cards).  Just like in Apples to Apples, the person who played the prompt card chooses which white card wins.

The newest trend in Cards Against Humanity are fandoms creating cards to incorporate into the existing game.  For a few months, I've been following Ladies Against Humanity Tumblr and sharing the humor with some of my closest friends.  It was soon after that I realized that there are Cards Against Gallifrey and Breaking Bad Cards Against Humanity! I was determined to take the greatness of these individual fan-made decks and individual cards and combine them into printable documents to "shuffle in" with the Cards Against Humanity deck that seems to come out at every party The Captain and I host!

The links below will either take you to Exquisitely Geek's Dropbox account for you to download a printable deck or will take you to a third party site.  The good news is I've downloaded all of these decks and my computer if virus free, but I would be remiss if I didn't tell you to always be careful when downloading off the internet!  Be sure to download the original game if you do not already have it as these fandom cards alone will not be enough for a full game!

The Original Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Gallifrey
Ladies Against Humanity
Star Trek Against Humanity
Fandoms Against Humanity (Combining all fandoms in one game; this grouping caters to LOTR, Marvel, and Sherlock Fans!)
Breaking Bad Against Humanity (This is a larger file and will open as a zip file.)

EDIT:  One of our readers left a comment below regarding the Tumblr  Believe it or not, we never stumbled upon this Tumblr!  Thanks to Faerie Nuff for the new add to our Tumblr feed!  Be sure to check it out for more Fandom/Cards Against Humanity crossovers.

I hope you have a great time playing!

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