A-Kon for the Ages

A-Kon happened earlier this month and Man did they start out with a goal.

A-Kon, Dallas' Anime Convention of Awesomeness, (Yes, I know that is not the real name. Yes, I do agree it is better.) decided upon attempting to break a Guinness World Record this year. A-Kon is celebrating it's 25th year and with that celebrating came a itch to assemble the masses of VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS!

Disclaimer: I get motion sickness. Not just like a little, like I can never go see a 3-D movie and can never play a video game longer than five minutes without having a serious bought of motion sickness. This cosplay idea sounds so awesome, but I'm having a hard time identifying characters from video games I have never actually been able to play so bear with me! 

A-Kon's goal was to break the previously set record of 491 Video Game Characters assembled in Finland. Did they do it? Well the official results haven't been released quite yet, but the reason they haven't been released is becuase there are so pretty strict rules that go along with this specific record.

1) Your character must have originated in a video game. The example the website uses is as follows:
" Well, Batman was in a video game in 1986, but he showed up in comics way back in 1936, so if you dress up as the Dark Knight, we won’t be able to count you. Sonic the Hedgehog was on TV and comics, true… but he started as a video game character in 1991. So if you show up as the blue spiny guy, you’re in!! The same would go for Mario, Phoenix Wright, etc."

2) Genderbender costumes are okay!!! Male to female, female to male...all is well within CosPlay land!

3) Divergent costumes will not be counted unless you can provide a ingame screenshot of your character. For example, Steampunk Princess Peach is cool, but not an ACTUAL video game character...you can rock it, you just won't count in the World Record Process

4) You can't just put ears on it and call it a day. Tails and ears for animal character must be accompanied by a full costume. Humanizing animal costumes can be tough, but let's do our best!

5) Same with a helmet. Headgear and Helmets are PART of a costume, not an entire costume so make sure there is some more stuff to go along with it!

So, Do you think they could do it? I'm sure we will find out shortly and I will be keeping my ear to the ground on this one to let you know when I find something out. They set a cap a 625. Once they had acquired that many participants that seemed to follow the first round of "processing" they were going to quit. That should allow them a few to be tossed out by the Official Judges and still make their goal.

As usual, here are some shots from the Kon of some of the great CosPlays of the weekend!

 Walkon Open #7- Dalek & Dr. Who by The Green Family
Velours Requiem:Walkon Advanced #20- Death Knight from World of Warcraft by Payton Schmall

Below are some photos of a friend of mine. He participated in a Persona CosPlay Meetup. He CosPlayed Persona's North American Version of the protagonist Mark. I must admit he did a splendid job. Marcus' cosplay is perfect for the non-competitive player. His costume requires some coordination and some effort, but not a huge undertaking from a manufacturing/fabricating standpoint. His costume is even more powerful thanks to the Meetup where he becomes engulfed in his own universe and characters. Kudos to these guys, Meetups are a great way to be part of a team atmosphere and enjoy the Convention with a large group of people! 

Special thanks to Marcus Logan, Ashley Griffin, and Jason Woods Photography. You can check out their Facebook Meetup Page here.

Did anyone else see some great CosPlays while they were there? Please send us pics! We'd love to see!!! As always, Stay Exceptionally Chic and Exquisitely Geek!

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