Cosplaying the 90s

I'm sure you know how awesome the 90s were.  You either know this because you lived them or because everyone who did live in the 90s won't stop telling you how awesome it was. Well, as a kid of the 90s, I was beyond surprised to see this Cosplay of Darkwing Duck splatter my Facebook newsfeed.

Source: Fashionably Geek

I was surprised because so many people get excited about current popular characters, and this got me thinking, "What other great (US) 90s cartoons have been Cosplayed?"  Here's your stroll down 1990s Saturday Morning Memory Lane:


Source:  100grana teste

Darkwing Duck

Source: Leo Camacho Tumblr


Source: Dark Chambers

Kim Possible

Source: Quick Break

Source: Disney Cast


Source: DeviantArt: Celticsakura
Source: MKalty

I hope you enjoyed your stroll down 1990s memory lane!  Until next time, stay Exceptionally Chic and Exquisitely Geek!

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