High 5: My Current Ipod Addictions

High Five! You've survived to another Friday!  I don't know about you, but I tend to listen to more music over the weekend then I do during the week. This is primarily due to my inability to clean my house without the appropriate soundtrack.  What I will tell you is that my music choices range from "you've gotta hear this!" to "please don't judge me."  So, with that in mind, I give you my five biggest music obsessions of the week! 

Note: If you're on a mobile device and cannot see the music videos, please click on the song title to go to YouTube directly.

1) Her Space Holiday: Something to do With my Hands. Her Space Holiday's album The Young Machines is pretty amazing all around, but there are a few lyrics that just make this particular song too poignant for me not to share with you.  "..forget all those places that you've never really been, and all those situations you somehow found yourself in.  Let your body sink into me like your favorite memory, like a line of poetry..." and "You know it saves me to think, even for a little while, I own the set of shoulders that you came to rely on..." It's just gritty and simple enough that it's a beautifully haunting piece.

2) Home Free: Hunter Hayes Medley. I have a soft spot for a few things: country music, a man that can rock long hair, (good) a capella, and a bass singer. What's great about Home Free is that they have all of the above in one group! I often end up down the "watch everything they have on YouTube" rabbit hole. I should be ashamed that they were the winners of the Sing-off because then I'm apt to be confused as a bandwagon fan, but let me tell you that they are amazing regardless of the hyped access to a recording contract. Personal confession, I do think the bass singer in Home Free is super handsome and could sing to me anytime he wanted.  I just realized a few days ago that he looks (scarily) like my friend's husband.  But I still think he's super cute.  If you love bass singers like I do, listen to this song that features not only his bass but also his crazy range!

3) Cute is What we Aim For: Curse of Curves. Did you have a punk rock phase? The phase where the only acceptable place to buy CDs was from Hot Topic?  I did. This is that "don't judge me" part of my Ipod collection. On the top of that phase was Cute is What we Aim For.  Even after the phase ended, I still have this song on my Ipod and listen to it more than I should admit to.

4)La Roux: Armour Love. You may have heard La Roux via Pitch Perfect when Beca adds a bit of a mash-up to the Bella's competition performance of "The Sign." Bulletproof is one of La Roux's hits, but my favorite is Armour Love. It builds exceptionally well from a soft techno ballad (yes those exist) into a "I could work out to this" mix.

5) Queen: Bicycle Race. I recently found a mixed CD that my freshman college roommate and I made for our road trips, and this was absolutely on there.  This is one of those songs I sing at the top of my lungs in the car with the windows rolled up and no one riding with me.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and that I didn't get a song stuck in your head for too long! Until next time, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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