High5 for Friday: Salute to Camps

So on Monday I mentioned that we were kicking off our camp season and so far it has gone off splendidly. I spent most of my week doing stuff like printing a bust of Lafayette and a TARDIS...

No worries, I completely understand if your jealous. Thanks to camps, I haven't had a lot of time to think about or do anything else so this week's High5 is a Salute to Camps!

1) The Parent Trap

I remember watching The Parent Trap (yes, the 1961 original version) late at night when I was a child. I was raised in a very strict religious household and I was sure there was something about this movie that I was not supposed to see. Looking back on it now I can laugh, I can't imagine what my parents could have found "inappropriate" with the sweet movie. I distinctly remember dreaming of a life where I got to go to sleep away camp and found not only a new best friend, but a sister. Disney created most of my life's disappointments...I still love them for it. 

2) Salute Your Shorts

Salute Your Shorts, often called Camp Awanna, aired on everyone's favorite channel of the nineties Nickelodeon. The show was based on a 1986 book title Salute Your Shorts: Life at Summer Camp. (Didn't know that!) The strongest point that sticks out in my memory from this show is the theme song. Some child always realizes that heart can rhyme with fart and makes that happen...you can hear the theme song here. The cast participated in panel at Stan Lee's Comikaze in 2012 where all but two of the original cast members appeared for the reunion. Some of the episodes are available on iTunes and Amazon. 

3) Camp

Camp is a movie based on a summer at Theatre Camp. Every time I catch it on TV on watch it on Netflix it reminds me of Seven of Nine and her summer adventures. I have a feeling they weren't this drama filled. This is probably the first time I remember seeing Anna Kendrick in a movie, and I have never stopped loving her since. The kids at this camp are all working toward being professionals in their chosen craft. The hardest part of camp is not just the relationships, but the task of producing a new show every two weeks (A task I can sympathize with since it is exactly how long we have on our schedule for all of our productions this summer.) The movie reminds you of the hardest parts of loving what you love even when it isn't fashionable and all of the angst and drama that happens when you are a teenager. 

4) Bug Juice 

Bug Juice. The sweet kook-aid like substance they served at this camp became the name that welcomed it into the reality TV world on Disney Chanel. I remember watching this show and knowing that all of theses kids lived a life sort of like mine and got to spend summers in a more fabulous and distinctly different way. Remember that I said I blame Disney for all my life disappointments? I also blame it for my trashy reality TV addiction. Heck, I'll just blame Disney for everything. I'm a people watcher by nature, it's infinitely more convent to people watch from your couch. You can catch episodes of Bug Juice on Youtube. For those hardcore watchers of the series, you can also catch up with the kids and counselors in the YouTube reunion of sorts. 

5) Heavy Weights

Do you remember when Disney showed movies every night at six o'clock? Maybe I'm dating myself a little bit, but I knew there was no way my parents would ever let me watch a movie where children smuggled cheeseburgers into a camp and their families turned a deaf ear to complaints of child abuse.  So the day I got a television in my room I counted the hours until could watch kids bouncing off the blob into the lake, and I may have cried a tear when that weird looking guy with a creep accent stabbed it with a spear... Too Much? Heavy Weights capitalized on comedy, sadness, and strength in numbers. It is truly heart warming and always made my summer evenings. 

Did I leave off any of your favorite Camp themed television shows or movies? Did you ever go to sleep away camp? I hope your summer is going splendidly and you a remember to soak up the warmth while it is here although I'm in Louisiana, so it's always here. As always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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