Printing Art in Three Dimensions

A couple of weeks ago Seven of Nine and I posted our High5 Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenge videos and in my "episode" I explained that my summers were very very busy....

Well that kicks off today. This morning we start 3D Printing Camp & Radio Theatre Camp! Each year the education staff at the Gallery try to work on some type of S.T.E.A.M. initiative for the students in the area. Have you heard of S.T.E.M (Science Technology Engineering & Math)? Well we take it one component further and add Art!

This year we are holding 3D printing camp. Our students will study a piece of sculpture from the Galleries archives and then recreate it using basic geometric forms and a 3D printer. Yeah....I've been geeking out for months. 

Three dimensional printing is making huge waves in the entire world, but especially in the art world. Individual artists are now able to design and print works that were almost impossible prior. Eyal Grever is an Isreali artist living in Tel Aviv that is printing sculpture...

Sculpture of catastrophes.

Tsunamis, automobile accidents, building collapse, flooding, and biblical plagues. He is particularly interested in these moments because it "allows the viewer to concentrate on something you would normally never get a chance to consider, because either you don't experience it, thank God, or it happens so fast."

The geekiest part of the whole endeavor is that Gever developed most of the code himself using open source code or plug-ins from other products on the market.

These pieces are beautiful mainly because they capture the moments we never get to intake, but also because of the materials he uses with the printer. Each pieces takes approximately 60 hours to print and he uses magnets to suspend the pieces that need to "float or levitate."

I hope you enjoyed this art snip bit. If you want to know more about Eyal please check out his website here! You can also watch the videos of animated catastrophes on his website or explore his entire creative process in this BBC Article. As always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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