Snapchat Takes an "Honest" Look at Art

You may remember a few weeks ago when A2-D2 discussed the current trend to blend hiphop music lyrics and famous art in "How Fly Can You Make Fine Art?" This post has me thinking, "should I be excited that fine art is being placed in front of a new audience ore should I be upset that it may only interest some because of the lyrics and pop culture references?" I've been pondering this for a while, and in my search for ways to get popular at in front of a new and younger audience, I have stumbled upon the creativity of SnapChat and the effect it may be having on fine works of art.

For those of you without SnapChat on your smartphone, SnapChat is a picture messaging service where users can take photo and video and add overlaying text. These photos/videos can then be sent to a controlled list of recipients.  SnapChat users have found a niche in discussing fine art and details of famous works with only a few lines of text.

If you'd like to expand your Tumblr home feed, you can follow both ArtHistorySnap and ArtHistorySnapchats to see more of these "brief" art discussions that occur via SnapChat.  I'm still not sure where I stand on the productivity of these artistic observations, but they do provide some very candid insight into what people see when looking at art. The great thing is that they are all valid observations, even if we'd rather pretend that we have finer tastes. Because if we've been honest with each other, we've all seen art where our initial thoughts were along the line of "what in the world was this artist thinking?"

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