The Anatomy of a Fandom

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Fandoms are interesting beings. They are not just things or universes. More often than not they are embedded with ideals and core beliefs that make us, the nerds, so proudly love them. All of them have a few things in common...

Universes: Whether they are supernatural, alien, or other the universes that our favorite characters inhabit help achieve things that would otherwise seem impossible. A good universe means a setting with endless possibilities. Magic, new technology, a new political struggle...all are dependent on world that the character live in.

Story Lines: Good vs. Evil makes a story have a great arch and complexity. Great fandoms have long lasting foes: The Doctor and the Daleks have had an ongoing battle since 1963, The Power Rangers have been fighting Rita Repulsa since 1993, and Harry Potter has been waged in a war with Voldermort and his Death Eaters practically since his birth. A strong belief in a villain is achieved when you establish a history with that person, loose strings that needs to be tied up.

Characters: Characters in fandoms have a huge relatability for those that carry that fandom. I am a huge Firefly I a whole lot like Captain Mal? Eh, to be debated...but I recognize the fact that I carry a sharp tongue much like Mal which makes his witty comments all the more entertaining to me. I love Doctor Who because he knows that he is of another world, yet carries hugely human qualities. Compassion is one of my greatest treasured traits, and one that I see has rubbed off on the doctor. Han & Leia have a relationship much like The Ninja and I. Torrid, Intricate, and Explosive...yet electric, challenging, and most importantly loving.

Mantas: Let us not forget the most important part of a Fandom...their belief or mantra. Harry Potter changes the way you think of "Always." TFiOS changes the meaning of any "Okay." you ever read again. "May the Force be with you." means something heavier to a Star Wars fan than to just the average viewer. Each Fandom owns something they feel makes the world more complete...and they try and spread it like wildfire. Always.

Fandoms give Nerds a place to belong. All of us have felt out of the loop or outnumbered by the "regulars" in our lives. I just had a 13 year old Bronie in one of my camps. I found out he was a Bronie and gave him a high five. His face was pretty priceless. I think it was the first time someone applauded him for loving My Little Pony instead of scolding him.

More of us need to recognize the beauty of fandom. Love what you love, and know why you love it. Recognize the amazing qualities that it brings to your life. Once you recognize those things you can search them out in a much more impactful and interesting way.

And as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek.

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