Conquering Cosplay

Okay, so I'm not even going to lie...I'm totally intimidated by the Cosplay section of the blog. I have never Cosplayed, but I have always wanted to. Then I struggle with the same thing I think every single woman cosplayer faces: body image issues, bullying, sexual aggression, cost, crossplaying, etc.

I mean the list can go on and on about why it is too difficult for me to attempt it, but then I decided to change my opinion about those barriers and attempt to conquer all of those things that make it seem so difficult...

Vanellope anyone? I am super excited about attempting this one. It seems like it will be fairly simple to costume, which is excellent because sewing is not my forte and I'm definitely going to have to work on that. She is also fairly covered up which means I won't have to deal with many of the body image and the sexual aggression issues. I also think that making the wig will be so amazing. I love hair and beauty items so this is something that I'm really happy about. 

What do you guys think? Is there a better option out there for a first time cosplayer? Next cosplay blog I will have my list prepped of items I need to acquire and where I am at in the process! Until then and as always, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek! 

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