Golden State Comic Con: SDCC

In 1970, a group of comic book and science fiction lovers decided that California should host a convention dedicated to these arts.  What we now know as the San Diego Comic Con started as a one-day event known as the Golden State Comic Mini-Con, and was held March 21, 1970. The purpose of this event was to see if there was any interest, and to raise funds, for a larger event.  August 1-3, 1970 saw the first three-day comic con which was funded by the initial Mini-con in March!  This three day event was know as San Diego's Golden State Comic-Con and boasted guests such as Ray Bradbury.

The spectacular event wasn't known as simply "San Diego Comic Con" until it's fourth event in 1973.
 Somewhere between 1970 and 1975, the group even organized to a 501c3 nonprofit with the following mission:

The first Mini-con saw 100 visitors, but today's con weekend sees over 130,000 guests and has become a role model to other cons across the nation (and globe).  Did you know 2014 Comic Con tickets SOLD OUT in 90 minutes! 

Comic Con attendees pump millions of dollars into the economy in three days, and San Diego has not been shy to accommodate the ever growing crowds.  The San Diego Convention Center built the addition "Hall H" specifically for SDCC Special panels, and they are planning an additional expansion in the near future.

Interested in learning more about SDCC's History?  Here's a brief 4 minute history video! Enjoy.

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