It's Friday!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!! Guess what today is!?!

It is the day that you have been longing for since it's last appearance...FRIDAY! .

Here are the Top 5 things that went on in my week...

1) I have almost wrapped up Hallow City which is the follow up to the 
both amazing. The book has seriously been a highlight of my week.

2) Sherlock Season 3 was added to Netflix this week...
Guess what I have been watching while I was on my lunch break!?!

3) It was my birthday this past Monday. The day was absolutely splendid,
especially since I don't feel any older. I think I have finally hit that age...
the age where things just feel the same...old.

4) I have been catching up on podcasts...
Nerdist, Stuff You Missed in History, and Stuff You Should Know
have all been putting out some great casts lately. The Jessica Chobot podcast
that Nerdist just release is great!

5) Today is my Mom's Surprise party. She is turning half a century years old.
Her last birthday party was when she turned the BIG 4-0 so we are celebrating with a bang...
she just doesn't know it yet. The photo above is just a little throw back for your entertainment.

So there is my week!!! I hope everyone enjoy's their weekend. We have a couple of those "grown up baby/bridal" parties to attends so mine should be rather eventful! As always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!!! 

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