Lego Makes History

History isn't just a collection of important events that happen years, decades, or centuries ago. History is a collection of the consequences of our decisions today, and LEGO has made a decision that will be important in the company's history and possibly enhance the social landscape for future generations.

In the early fall of 2014, LEGO will release its first official set of female scientists: an astronaut, a chemist, and a paleontologist! This set will depict what scientists in each of these fields do, and will be one of the first times LEGO has shown female minifigs in more cerebral jobs.

The reason I thought this seemingly boring news deserved a place on the history blog topic is that many LEGO supporters, and critics, have been vocal regarding the lack of female representation in LEGO products.  LEGO attempted to calm these critics with the release of "Friends" in 2012, but this plan backfired on them as criticism over the "Friends" obviously gender bias line increased already existing criticism regarding gender inclusion in LEGO sets. For those of you unfamiliar with LEGO Friends that is the line that comes in a pink/lavender box and whose minifigs are not compatible with other LEGO sets not in the "Friends" line.

Scientific America has said: "I’ve written before that media and toy companies have an enormous power to shape what children are socialized to accept as “normal,” especially when it comes to gender roles. And to be sure, LEGO still has a way to go: It’s a reality that their sets almost always contain more males than females, and they could definitely use more minifigs of color! But in taking this important step, I’m confident that everyone’s favorite brick company is beginning to address these issues head on. I can’t wait to see what the final scientist minifigure set will look like – and to buy one for every kid I know!"

Be sure to check out the official announcement below or paste this link if you are on a mobile device (

After checking out the release video, read Scientific America's blog about this monumental event for the LEGO company.  The article has some great links to the criticism of LEGO's lack of female representation and images of the future sets! If you are in a mobile device, you can use this url for the article (

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