San Diego Comic Con Cosplay 2014

Last weekend was the major con of the year. Yes, SDCC has come and gone yet again, but what we are left with is some excellent cosplay that should inspire! These are some of the images I found scattered on the web representing the Cosplay from the four day Con:

While I have throughly enjoyed perusing the photo galleries of the interwebs a bigger issue has arisen since the ending of the Con. More information has come to light on sexual harassment against cosplayers, yet again. Cosplay is not Consent and no matter how many times it is preached, it seems to be a continual problem amongst those at conventions (and increasingly pop-cons) in particular. If you want to do some further reading on the subject check out our blog titled We Were All Bullied. Seven of Nine wrote that blog early in our blogging career and I guess now it is time for me to put my two cents in for just a second. 

One of the primary reasons I have such a deep love for the geek community is because it is a community of people who love things out of the ordinary and support others explorations of the things they are passionate about. Ideally this community would be a wholly supportive and safe place to proudly love the things that you love. When I see that the "junk" associated with the outside world is working its way further into the realms of nerdom it makes me growingly uncomfortable. I want the place, the group of people that I call my people, to be safe and exist in a secure space for us to express the things we love proudly. Next time you are at a Con and you see a stunning cosplayer, walk over to her and tell her she looks beautiful. Not yell she is hot, or whistle at her, or try and grab her tush as she walks by, just be respectful and tell her she is beautiful...or stunning. Those words are the words that will make her feel so special and enjoy her cosplay experience. Cosplay should always be fun and entertaining, and is never permission to treat any lady any differently than you would wish your sister, mother, or wife treated. 

Next Cosplay Blog I am going to update you on my Vanellope cosplay and how the wig is coming! Until then, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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