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Hey everyone! I hope you've had an awesome week.  I've been a bit jealous of A2-D2's Cosplay creation this week, but I don't envy her having to build on a deadline!  This week has flown by, but I was able to spend a few minutes and catch the highlights:

1) A mother's love.  I don't know about you, but even though I'm an adult, it's still nice to be taken care of.  My mother knew that I was having a hard time with my energy levels because of the pregnancy, and The Captain is working on finishing his thesis (it's in industrial engineering and has a ton of research and data points, I pretty much only see him for meal times and sleep). So, my mom decided to chip in by helping me clean my house.  The surprise is that she cooked me a ton of home-cooked meals and left them in my fridge and freezer so that The Captain and I could eat decent food!

2) Me time.  I haven't quite figured out the whole prenatal yoga stuff because everything I use to do in my practice is now banned - inversions, twists, deep folds, etc.  So, I finally found a website that had some decent videos ( ) and made sure I took some time for myself and my practice.

3) My nerd.  I know that Weird Al is now the rage with his #8days8videos promotion for his new album, but I still remember sitting outside a Ticketmaster partner for tickets to his show in Shreveport, LA.  It was at a tiny venue and my sister and I were so excited because he had just released "Running with Scissors."  It's nice that he's back with such authority!

4) Bibliophile.  In my last High5, I posted about the series that you need to read this summer. Well, The Captain actually suggested the Cotton Malone series, and I decided if my non-fiction reading husband felt that strongly about the series - maybe I should read it too!

5) Framily.  I have great friends that are like my family.  They provide smiles and laughter - sometimes when they don't realize I need it.  Recently, while planning an event, our conversation derailed into what LMFAO stood for: I don't know that we really came to a conclusion.  Do you know what LMFAO stands for?

Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to come back on Monday for A2-D2's Fandom blog!

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