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This week, The Captain was out of town defending his thesis so I had time to watch all those things on Netflix that he would absolutely hate! That means that I have your review of five of my binge weekend shows and movies for your benefit!

This has been on my Netflix list for a while, but The Captain isn't much for monarch based history movies - especially when it focuses around a love story.  This tells the story of Christian VII of Denmark and the love affair between his Queen and the official royal doctor.  This does have subtitles, but it is one of those movies that makes it easy to forget the subtitles quickly!  It's a great glance into a country whose monarchs have not been my focus before.  It definitely made me think about looking more into this royal family.

After "A Royal Affair," I got on a kick and started binging the first season of Borgia.  It's a French-German-Czech television drama that chronicles the account of the Borgia's family rise to power through Rome.  Netflix currently has seasons one and two with plans to receive season three after it airs in France.  The show provides the viewer with a recap of the previous episode just in case you didn't get to see everything each time you watch!  If you're into history/historical fiction, think about putting this on your list.  

Lifetime movies! There's something wonderfully awful about them, but when it has Christina Ricci in it...why not!  This movie takes a look at the life of Lizzie Borden (played by Ricci).  It's only a bit over an hour running time so it makes it the perfect movie for when you don't want to invest a whole night to a new movie.
The Awakening was originally released in 2011. Florence Cathcart, who exposes paranormal hoaxes, is invited to an all boys boarding school to dispel fears the boys have after one student died on property. What she finds haunting the school has little to do with recent deaths, and requires a trip into her own personal history.  It reminded me a bit of "The Others," in the sense that I immediately wanted to re watch the entire movie as soon as the plot was fully developed.

This is the best of the weekend!  I was not expecting much at all - the description only says "As a grave robber faces the guillotine, he confesses his sins to a priest, revealing a life filled with unearthly high jinks in this macabre comedy." I must admit, rather vague.  Here are a few reasons you need to watch this they have combined aliens, zombies, comic books, grave robbers, and mythology.  It also has Dominic Monaghan (from LOTR), Ron Perlman, and John Speredakos (Fantastic Four) on cast - just to name a few.  Pack all of this into a witty comedy and you have Netflix hidden gold!

Happy weekend!  Enjoy your time and let me know what your current Netflix binge is!

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