High 5...I've run out of Awesome Tag lines...

Okay, so here's the thing...

I had this massive plan to knock out a HUGE back log of podcasts and do a High 5 on podcast content this week...

but I have failed. We are friends here so I can admit it. Failure. I have barely had time to breath this week. Summer is wrapping up, school is starting up, and my life is a stressful chaotic filled ball of crazy right now.

Welcome, welcome to the madness. This High 5 is just a mere celebration that I have made it to this moment, Thursday afternoon because my Friday is so busy that I won't be able to type this blog at any point, alive and generally optimistic...I think.

So, with a huge and rambling introduction, let's dive in...

This kiddo started school today (Thursday.) He moved schools this year and yes, I cried for ten minutes after I walked him inside. He is totally stoked, I am having nightmares about him getting left behind somewhere. Paranoid mother stuff

As a last hooray before school started up Treyson went swimming at a family friend's home on Monday. He was super happy and refused to go down the slide without a life jacket. As a paranoid mother I appreciate his need for safety protocol. 

Titan got in some reading this week. He is pretty sure if he hangs out amongst the books he looks smarter. I am pretty sure he is correct. 

Guardians happened on Sunday afternoon, by far the best time of the week to see a movie. It was excellent. If you feel like you need a Crash Course on Guardians check out our blog here

Got a notification today that an excellent article was running in our local paper about the Foundation and Gallery that I work for. Big changes have been happening around here and it is so nice to see people understanding the final product. It is ever more reassuring to hear that our programs are working for the community and that people are appreciative of the amazing gift this place is. If you have a spare moment you can read the article by Neil Johnson here

I am helping with a Professional Development Day for Teachers today so I am super busy, but that just means my Saturday at home with The Ninja and Treyson will be ever sweeter because it was justly earned. I hope all of you have a great Friday and remember to stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! See y'all Monday!!! 

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