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Happy Cosplay Wednesday everyone! As you know, I am working on a Vanellope con Schweetz cosplay right now. Slowly but surely it is coming along... I am a little over halfway done with my Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Skirt and I am starting on my wig. I ordered the Dionysus wig along with 2 15" weft extensions for my wig from Super reasonable prices btw

I am planning on stubbing the wig and adding the ponytail as a second piece. My dad took an adventure with me to Home Depot, pretty much his greatest dream ever, to buy some hardware for the underside of the wig. I plan on formatting two pieces of aluminum under the wig itself ad a "headband hardware" with a screw poking out of the joint. On the top of that screw I will stub the wig and then wrap the wefts around a piece of styrofoam so that the ponytail itself will have a great deal of volume and be secured from "slippage." 

Sound complicated!?! Yeah, I feel ya. I am supposed to be meeting with my Dad tomorrow evening to mold the aluminum to my head and insert the screw. I am not even going to remotely trust myself alone with any type of power tools. Do you guys have any suggestions of a better way to fabricate the wig? I have googled many different attack plans, but I have yet to find one that seems to work as well as this one should. 

Sorry for the short post, just know I am keeping up the work slowly but surely. I am looking for to unveiling the completed work. Next time I will show you the progress I have made with the hardware and the stubbing process. As always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!  

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