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Recently on Art/History Mondays, I've been writing more about topics related to A2-D2's job than my own.  I want to change that since I've found this awesome movement that will be occurring across the globe on March 21, 2015.

Bach in the Subways is a community focused, volunteer driven, grassroots organization – we encourage everyone to get involved in promoting this unique global event.

Bach in the Subway day is an annual celebration on J. S. Bach's birthday.  This year, Bach will be 330 years old and musicians around the world are uniting to perform Bach for free in subways and public spaces, all day and all night!

Currently, they are in the recruiting phase of planning for the 2015 event, and I'm happy to say that the youth orchestra I work with is planning our own performance to celebrate Bach's work in music!

You can follow the movement through their Facebook and Twitter pages.  In the early stages of the movement, musicians took the phrase literally and performed in subway stations; however, this year, musicians are being encouraged to go anywhere the people are!  Use every public space available to celebrate Bach's birthday!

Are you a musician interested in joining the celebration?  Here's some more info:

See you all again on Friday!

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