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We're friends so, I think I can share with you a bit about romance.  Specifically nerd romance.  Let me tell you something about nerd romance - it's unique with each couple.  I wanted to show you one of the ways The Captain and I have "cheap" dates at home together.  Usually these at home date nights start with texts that look something like this:

If anyone is monitoring our texts to each other, there are a ton of texts with the phrase "wanna kill people" somewhere in it.  What are we referring to? Borderlands dates!  Let me tell you how this epicness started.

The Captain and I have never been gamers, but The Captain had fond memories of games that he played on the XBox360 with his brother.  So, after months of dragging me to gaming stores and electronic shops, I finally said that he could purchase one.  We decided to get a dual player game so that at least we could pretend to enjoy our new purchase together (to help justify the cost).  What we purchased was Borderlands 2.  Now, don't worry, we were quickly told by gamer friends that we had to play Borderlands (the original) first or we wouldn't understand the plot line.  From that purchase, it's really history.  Now granted, when we started playing I couldn't shoot and move at the same time - I didn't even understand how to walk forward and look left to right when we started.  So, The Captain did have to develop some patience while I learned, but now I am a fighting machine!

Borderlands didn't turn into date night until we really started playing Borderlands 2.  We both played individual characters, but we always had a set of characters that could only play with each other.  Once we got those characters to Level 30, I realized that we were about to finish the story line and I didn't want it to end.  So, The Captain found me Gaige.  Here's a bit about Gaige:

on a mobile device? Watch the video here!

We bought Gaige for $10 and started the entire storyline over with me playing Gaige and The Captain picking a new character. Now we're both obsessed with the game and when we aren't playing the game directly, we're talking about skill tree development (this website lets you build skill trees online so you know where to spend your skill points) or, as of recently, talking about the new pre-sequal release coming up:

The only rule to a Gamer Date night is to have fun together!  You can be engaged only when playing or you can do what we've started doing and talk about the gameplay outside of the "date."  What's been great about Borderlands for us is that it makes us work as a team, communicate, and talk to each other.  We're not just staring into a screen for hours silent.  Find each other's passions, and you may be surprised at the passion that comes out in you!  

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