High Five - Can We Be Busier?

I didn't realize until Wednesday's Blog that A2-D2 and I were both running at full speed this week! For me, this week was week two of a two week tour teaching an introduction to music history to elementary students.  After arranging "Thrift Shop" for violin and piano, hearing the Mario theme, and listening to continuous renditions of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?," I  needed to find some happiness to get me through this final week.  This week's high5 is a thank you/tribute to what has gotten me through these last two weeks. 

My favorite pair of PJs.  I don't care how much you judge me, but sometimes slipping into that favorite pair can just make things better.  Where you may judge me is that mine are definitely boxer shorts and a tank that I bought at Aerie.

A2-D2 is already jealous of the amount of reading I get to do, but I actually finished this book in two nights!  It's a series of (almost) vignettes revolving around two boys that are sent for re-education during the reign of Chairman Mao.  It has an interesting ending: I wouldn't necessarily say it give you a package with a nice bow, but I didn't feel like anything was missing from the story.

My cosplay buddy (Madam Vastra) also happens to be a cooking goddess.  Last week, she brought me homemade peach jam.  Just read that again so you can be appropriately jealous. With real peaches and a perfect consistency, this on toast has really helped my psyche.

Reddit.com/r/aww. If you've never browsed Reddit, this is not the time for a crash course, but this subreddit is a collection of users' cutest pet moments and sometimes a good "aww" is just what I needed this week!

And the last thing that truly helped me through this week was knowing that I would feel like this come the end of it!

So, High 5! We've all made it to Friday.  Whatever you've accomplished, forgotten to do, or stressed over, now is the time to take a deep breath and think about what you did this week that was wonderful - even if your list is primarily just about eating fantastic peach jam!  See you all next week!

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