One Hundred for the Win...

With this post Exquisitely Geek is celebrating its one hundredth blog post. One hundred blogs about our families, our fandoms, and our friendship. I would say that this project has become such an important part of my life that I am simply so thankful for. 

Exquisitely Geek went from concept to blog within four days. Within 48 hours I had secured the domain name and Seven of Ten was ticking away on our Pinterest and Tumblr accounts. We have hit huge milestones in life, but also in the blogs life as well. It kind of feels like our second joint baby. 

I squealed with delight in a room full of people when I found out (on the blog) that Seven of Nine was becoming Seven of Ten and expanding the Exquisitely Geek family. I remember the day we hit our 1,000 blog hit. It was bitter sweet, while I was so proud of the work that we had done I was standing in an ICU visiting room because a dear friend of mine had just lost his father. I'm sure Seven of Ten has had moments like these with the blog as well. The blog is peppered with the things (and people) that we love. 

I just want to take the opportunity with this post to thank The Ninja & The Captain. Both of them have been so supportive of us and the blog. I also want to point out that a lot of our content is driven by our families so we can't forget the little ones either! Treyson and Baby Ford are as important to this blog as their Mommas are. 

Most importantly though I want to think our fans. With over 10,000 blogs hits in just a few months it's obvious that people care about the same things that we do and we feel honored and privileged to write about them. Fandoms, Cosplay, Art & History, Home Life and those weekly High 5's help us stay up to date on content and help all of us build an Exquisitely Geek community. 

In honor of you all, and all the fans of anything in the world, here is the ultimate fan speech. Enjoy! 

Thank you and as always (& forever), stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

Exquisitely Geek

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