High Five for Halloween

Unlike A2-D2 learned, I am a true CosPlayer at heart. I absolutely love the challenge of creating the costume and the pressure of getting it done it a deadline! Sound like I was meant to major in theatre? I always like to think so!  So, naturally, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and I would like to share with you five reasons why:

1) CosPlay Stock Up! November 1 (aka the day after Halloween) is a great day to stock up on all those CosPlay accessories you've been scouting.  As most stores carry a discount on the day after Halloween, you can find your CosPlay parts at a discount.  My upcoming CosPlays involve some serious armor and seam-punking.  I'm planning to set the alarm this year for the after Halloween sales, and I've already scouted the stores so I know where to hit in what order!

2) Pandora's Halloween Radio Station.  I know it exist all year, theoretically, but now is really the only time when you can listen to it in public without some serious judgement.

3) Animals in Costume. Some of you are probably already judging me because some animals obviously hate costumes, but are forced into it anyway. But there's something about this that I can't help but love! 

4) Decorating. The Captain is already concerned because I've started outlining what I want to do in terms of Halloween decorating now that we have more space with our new house.  Just to let you know how bad it already is we have three Halloween tubs to our one Christmas tub.  Yep; we're that family.  Here's my first project for next year:

5) The Halloween Family Movie Tradition. I don't know about your family, but we have very specific movie traditions based upon the holiday.  At Christmas, we must watch (for The Captain) Christmas Vacation and (for me) Muppet Christmas Carol.  At Halloween, we've always seemed to agree that this movie MUST be Nightmare Before Christmas. If you want to start your own tradition, Netflix is currently streaming the Nightmare Before Christmas!

Is your favorite holiday Halloween too?  Happy haunting!  

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