High Five: Nerdy Week

With comic con in Dallas this past weekend, my weekend (and week) have revolved around the prep and recovery from comic con. So, here are my top 5 comic con related moments!

1) Disney Nostalgia. I love the vendors at comic cons, and it's always cool to find vendors who are selling a collection of things rather than apparent merchandise. At times, however, it is surreal to realize that I worked for a company that has a fandom.

2) Sarcasm. Nerdy sarcasm is an art in itself, and when you put it on a shirt, it becomes gold.

3) Panels. You never know what you'll hear at a guest panel that allows Q&A. For the Phelps twins, the greatest moment was them trying not to seem creeped out when a fan asked what cologne they wore.

4) New/Emerging Artists. Though I'm not as art knowledgeable as A2-D2, I can still appreciate an artist! I got some awesome space art for the nursery from one of the many artists there.

5) Buddy Photos. My comic con buddy (the Vastra to my Jenny) and I never remember to get photos together! This year we remembered. Though we didn't go as a couple, Juno and Hawkeye had a ton of fun this weekend!

I hope your Friday ends on the perfect note. Until next time....

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