It's gonna be fun...

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm just settling back into being home and back to the work/family/home routine. Here's some High moments of the week! 

While I was in Atlanta we stopped by The High Museum of Art and had a chance to view their installation piece "Mi Casa, Your Casa" It was a beautiful exhibition on their patio area. Plus, let's be honest, it was fun. :-) 

I got this message while I was stranded in the airport on my way home from Atlanta, clearly this child knows the way to my heart

Treyson had fall break last Monday so...lucky to spend the day with me at the office. He was an excellent assistant through the day and we were all so happy to get to spend the day with him. 

If has finally cooled down here in North Louisiana and the Ninja and I got to bust out the sweaters a bit. This is his morning face. Clearly, he's a morning person. 

This is happening soon. If you are local, make sure that you stop by. Children need to know that Museum's can be fun and we plan to bribe them into believing this with candy! ;-) 

See you on Monday for Art & History! Seven of Ten is going to Dallas Comic Con this weekend so she will see you on Wednesday with some great Cosplays from the Con! 

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