Nursery Art: The Beginnings

Current artistic/parenting conundrum: how do you incorporate flight and space (multiple fandoms of space) into one nursery?   Our solution: art work!  I shared with you last time that we're using an Ikea rug for part of the airplane flight to represent The Captain's fandom and general love for all things aviation, but I still hadn't quite figured out how to incorporate space into the nursery until I spotted the work of Jason Oakes.  Now, I know this isn't Art Monday's blog, but let me share with you a little about Jason.

His tagline is "Where fine art meets comic art," and where those two meet in Jason's work is epic!  I had the privilege of meeting him at Dallas Comic Con and was able to score some amazing signed work for a great price.  While speaking with him, I learned that he considers himself a digital artist.  He works with each piece digitally, but will occasionally print out pieces to add paint splatters or detailing before scanning the work back in and working with it digitally again.

Here's what we have for Amelia's room:

It brings in some great art which pulls in all of our nursery colors, adds a few more colors to play with, and gives a fantastic shout out to my Trek background! You can buy your own copy of Jason's work via his Etsy Store here. He does everything from heroes and villains to ships!  I love that he's blurring the line between fine art and comic culture, and I hope Amelia will too.  I'll be sure to let you see where we decide to hang everything in the nursery, but I'm waiting to have all of the artwork we're using before committing with nails! Check back with us on Friday to find out about A2-D2's week!

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