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This guy has been on my "Blog List" for a long time, but I heard him mentioned on a Nerdist Hostful last week so I felt it would be an excellent time do discuss some of his work.

Rob Loukotka is an artist and woodworker based in Chicago, IL. His creative headquarters is Fringe Focus and you can also find his works for sale online at

The Fringe Focus workshop in Chicago is my visual arts playground complete with a laser cutter, CNC router, power tools, and a literal metric ton of screen prints.
My ACME Corporation poster was the second most successful graphic design project ever (at one point…) on Kickstarter after raising over $105,000. My artwork can be found in galleries like Gallery1988 in Los Angeles, and Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn. Fringe Focus has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and probably some other places too." -Rob Loukotka 
I have pulled quite a few of his works that stood out to me personally. Enjoy! 

8 x 8 Laser Cut Cherry 
Limited Edition of 150 
Frame: $40

The Whiskey Series - $30 each 
$25 for Two or More   
Frame: $40

Cause & Solution Wallet Bottle Opener  - $20

2.1" x 3.4" Stainless Steel 
Laser Engraved 

The Ruins of Gotham  - $40

The Ruins of Gotham 
Artist's Print - $60 

36" x 12"  

Limited Edition - 100
Limited Edition Artist's Print - 50 

Hang in there for Wednesday when Seven of Ten checks in the the best Cosplays from Dallas Comic Con 2014! Enjoy your Monday and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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