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We've known for a while, but I thought it was time to share with the EG community that The Captain and I are having a baby girl!  We're starting to work on the nursery and I realized that I'm talking more about her on the blog, and it's just become hard to discuss her in gender neutral terms.

We're naming her Amelia.  The Captain is excited because his favorite female in history is Amelia Earhart, and it doesn't hurt that Amelia is also a pretty solid (bad ass) science fiction character as well.

So, how in the world are we blending our fandoms for the nursery?  Easy....flight!  We're mixing The Captain's love of Airplanes and my love of Science Fiction to create a nursery where if it flies, it's fair game!  We're starting with this rug that we found at Ikea, and we're using it as the focal piece for the room (click the image for product details). 

We are focusing on reds and blues for the primary colors, but I know that all types of colors will find its way into that room!  Now that you are updated, you can follow more of the nursery progress and of Amelia's progress by following #BabyAmelia2015 on Instagram, and while you're there, be sure to follow me (GeekSevenofTen) and A2-D2 (Imashbashbobash).  I'll also be bringing you information on some of the geeky additions here on Geeky Home Life Wednesdays!  From The Captain, Amelia, and myself - stay exceptionally chic!

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