Brick Builders: LEGO seasonal figures review

Hello all and welcome to my first contribution to the Exquisitely Geek blog. Let’s talk about my favorite geeky topic: Lego. Lego is more than just a hobby for me. It’s an unquenchable passion. The sets are simultaneously challenging, addicting and nostalgic (and also a little on the expensive side for the large sets). Challenging, because if you have ever tried to get a small single pip brick onto or off of another then you can understand the frustration that often accompanies doing steps that were designed for kids and their small hands in mind. Addicting, because no matter how long you have been sitting there building I find that I will only stop after the next step - then repeat after the next and then again until several hours later I’m finished and my hands now ache. And Nostalgic, because toys are a direct link to you childhood and Lego is the one that takes me back instantly.

So let me begin by talking about a new line of Lego. The seasonal figures of the holidays. You have a bat for Halloween, a turkey for Thanksgiving, and a reindeer and snowman for Christmas. This line is a slight departure from typical Lego sets but offer new bricks and new techniques that are many ways unique to this line. They each have similar builds except the snowman which I’m sure is due to the fact that it had to appear spherical in shape- not easy with square and flat bricks.  

These sets are relatively small with all just barely over a hundred pieces (which amounts to 10 minutes of building time for an experienced builder) but they are incredibly fun with their cute caricature representation of the holiday they represent. Each set includes seasonal accessories that really complete each one. Like the Bat has a little pumpkin, the turkey has a pilgrim hat, and even the reindeer has two presents that appeared as wrapped gifts.

Each figure is sold separately and for roughly 10 dollars each is quite the bargain. The series is a unique take on Lego sets for the holidays and adds a fun addition to any decorations throughout the year. Below are some photos from when Seven of Ten and I built the Turkey, Reindeer, and Snowman.

Top: Snowman unboxed; Bottom: Snowman "insides" which took square bricks to create the rounded shape of a snowman.

Top Left: Completed turkey; Top Right: Turkey body to show tail detail; Bottom: Turkey unboxed

Top: Reindeer unboxed; Bottom: Reindeer completed
I look forward to more of my ramblings about Lego in the future with larger and more intense sets. Until next time, stay exquisitely geek.

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