High 5 Friday!

Here we are again.  Another week of work, blogging, and todo lists down.  I've been running multiple kids programs with the symphony this week and none of them were "small."  Regardless, I was able to find some highlights from my week for today's high five!

1) This week The Captain got to go to the Lego store and (in addition to others) we walked out with this super cute Turkey for the upcoming holidays.  Check back with Exquisitely Geek on Wednesday as I'll tell you about the build in the next installment of Geeky Dates!

2) I watched Dead Poets Society for the first time this week.  Let me just tell you that pregnant women who majored in the arts should not watch this movie.

3)  Amelia has started receiving gifts in the mail!  It's definitely made mail more exciting so that we're not just getting junk and ads!

4) We finally bought the rug for Amelia's room.  This rug is what is bringing the whole design together so I wanted to make sure we had it and didn't run into a situation of it selling out before I could snag one.

5) Finally, though it hasn't happened yet, I'm going back to Louisiana for a baby shower this weekend.  I'm actually excited as I have no idea who is coming and who has RSVP'd.  I think I'm getting to see A2-D2 there which will be epic.....maybe I should be nice and bring her Christmas present with me so I don't have to mail it :)

Well, I hope your week has been exciting and fun-filled.  See you next week, and as always stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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