High 5: Nerdy(ish) Movies Releasing Soon

WARNING: This is a video-centric post.  If you are on a mobile device, please use the links below each video in order to be linked to the YouTube version of each clip.

I must admit that I've recently felt there were no upcoming movies that I could get excited about. However, with the upcoming holiday releases and the teasers about 2015, I'm getting excited again for the cinema!  In today's high 5, I give you 5 trailers that make my nerdy bone tingle and make me concerned for my upcoming movie budget!

1) Despicable Me: Prequel.  The Minion Movie.  When I first saw Despicable Me, I had a few questions: Why are the minions yellow?  Why do there only appear to be males?  Why is Gru the only evil mastermind who has minions? Thankfully, after a sequel,  enough people have unanswered questions that they are devoting a full movie to answering them!  Check out the trailer for the upcoming Minion Movie to be released in 2015.

2) Though I think A2-D2, the Ninja, and Treyson may be much more excited about this movie than I am, I can still appreciate a great Marvel Movie!  I think one reason that I love Avengers movies is that, since I'm not a comic book girl, the story isn't focused on one super hero. It's like an epic cliffs notes of all of them. (note: I'm aware that the previous statement is the worst summary of an Avengers movie, but I'm not deleting it just on principle).

3) This is actually a movie The Captain is excited about, and he told me about it before I even knew a sequel was in the works!  Pitch Perfect 2 isn't necessarily nerdy like Avengers or some of the others further down this list, but I will admit that acapella is my guilty pleasure.  I even shared some of it with you in a previous High 5!  So, the Bellas return to bring acapella to the big screen, and I've found that there's even an appearance by Pentatonix!

4) I recently sent a message to The Captain saying that I wanted to see The Imitation Game and he responded with:

For all of you history, math, science nerds - this is a must watch.  It comes out November 28th so you can see it as you figure out how to eat all of your Thanksgiving leftovers!

5) I couldn't do a High 5 on upcoming movies without mentioning Into the Woods.  This is a Christmas Day release, and I would not be a true theatre major if I didn't include this on the list of movies I'm excited for!  Even if you ignore the stellar star-studded cast (Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, and Meryl Streep), you're looking at fantastic cinematography and a wonderful story.  I know that much of the theatre community is divided regarding the validity of bringing live performances to recorded mediums like movies and TV, but I can't help but appreciate anything that may bring new audiences to the theatre (except the Carrie Underwood Sound of Music, that's a whole 'nother story).

Get your taste buds ready for the popcorn, and stay exceptionally chic!

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