High 5 Wonders in 2014

Do you realize how close we are to the end of another year?  I've been racking my brain to decide how to best close out the year with you before A2-D2 and I flip blog topics after the holidays, and I think I've finally decided how to wrap up this crazy year in a 5 point summary.  Let's talk about the top 5 things that made me pause for longer than a moment during this year; here it is in no particular order (other than the order that I could think of them in)!

1) In November, A2-D2 introduced me and maybe you to the Serial Podcast.  You can find the original post here. This week was the release of the final episode, and I must say that I'm surprised.  Without giving away too many spoilers I must admit that (1) I didn't expect to get as hooked as I did to this story and (2) I never thought that that each episode would have an average of 1.5 million listeners per episode.  I also didn't think I'd get as into podcast as I did this year...thanks A2-D2.  You would never imagine that so many people would be so interested in a random case from 1999 that happened to fall in the lap of a retired reporter.

2) In August, Robin Williams passed away, and if you grew up in the 90s like A2-D2 and I did a bit of your childhood died too.  When the news hit, there was a number of online discussions, forms, and debates across the internet regarding mental illness and suicide.  During this time, A2-D2 shared with us her own battle with depression. I want to commend her, right now, on her bravery to share and the bravery of others who constantly seek help.

3) Amelia.  Really, that's just a huge big deal for me this year.  Enough said.

4) I can't tell you how crazy this entire Exquisitely Geek ride has been for both myself and A2-D2.  From two little girls who wanted to change the world through a recycle newsletter to a blog with over 18,000 views in just under 10 months.  Thank you, everyone, for keeping up with us and our craziness.  Thanks for learning with us as we build this, and we can't wait to continue building this with you. We are still, technically, in our first year and I can't wait to see what EG's year ends like and what the new EG year brings!

5)  Though it may sound cliche, I will say that 2014 taught me to appreciate family.  That family comes in a variety of shapes and sizes from blood bonds to something that almost seems stronger than that.  Regardless of what bonds your family, treasure it.

I hope your 2014 has been wonderful! I don't know about you, but I'm ready to truly conquer 2015! Until next time, remember that you are exceptional...

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